Four Points For Choosing Good Time-Tracking Software For Your Employees

Time-tracking is being made easier for businesses now because automated software does a lot of the heavy lifting that the HR or accounting department used to have to do. Instead of using the old timesheet or punch card method that used a lot of paper and had to be manually entered into the books, time-tracking software has all that information entered into the computer system and easier to keep track of come payroll collection or tax day. Not all employee time software is the same, so here are five points you should follow when choosing the right system.

1. The Right Price

This might seem like an obvious solution, but prices are not all the same when it comes to what you need in the software. For example, you might pay an upfront cost to use time-tracking software that's a few hundred dollars for each computer you install it on, but it's just a one-time cost. You might find that time-tracking software with a monthly fee is better for you if it has added benefits.

2. Outsourced Or Locally Controlled Software

Some businesses prefer to have time-tracking software that's completely managed by their own accounting department while others like to have software that sends timesheet information to a remote HR company. Each kind has its own benefits because you might find that you can do more with software that you control and doesn't slow you down when you can manage it on your own. But on the other hand if your computer systems fail and you don't want to risk losing payroll hours, outsourced time-tracking software usually keeps that data backed up for you.

3. Ease Of Installation And Updating

One thing about time-tracking software is you may want a version that can be installed on multiple platforms from workstation computers, kiosks, tablets or smartphones depending on what your employees will be doing. Some software is built for all platforms while other software is limited to Windows or Apple-based products. You also may want to look for software that can be updated and free of charge at that to make sure it's secure and won't be hacked as easily.

4. The List Of Features In The Software

As time-tracking software has progressed, more and more options have become available for employers. Some newer software has extensive employee activity monitoring that go beyond when they clock in and out to how productive they've been and where their location is if they're out in the field. The more features the time-tracking software has, the more expensive it's likely to be, but some systems allow you to choose between plans that offer different features according to your needs.