DNS Tips, Tricks,, and Tangles

That stands for Domain Name System. Internet users do not have to be able to define the term in order to use it. It is enough to know that this is how Internet surfers are able to reach websites using popular names. In fact, everything reachable on the Internet must have a numeric address, i.e., IP address, and Internet spaces are reachable only at their IP address location. However, who would ever remember or ever use in order to reach Google? No one could, nor does anyone need to. The domainn name system provides the valuable service of translating Google.com into so that the Google website is reachable with that catchy website name Google.com.

DNS Security

Of great concern to Internet operators today are threats that have been launched against commercial and institutional Internet interests through manipulation of the domain name . These threats have been in the news. Denial of Service (DDOS) is a common form of attack, and the victims so far are among the biggest names in the world. AT&T? Yes, AT&T came victim to a Denial of Service attack on August 15-17, 2012. The attacker was unknown at that time and remains unknown today. March 27, 2013, is known as the day of The DDOS Attack that Almost Broke the Internet. The risks are very real and they pose a threat to business, government, and society overall. Fortunately, there are diligent and highly skilled protectors against these attacks, and so far they have managed to ward off all attackers.

Fun with DNS

The domain name system is hugely complex and intricate and its mastery will require long study and experience. However, even knowing just a little about the domain name will allow someone to enjoy the many tricks that are available. Most of them are free, and all of them are fun! For instance, it is possible to unblock all manner of paid websites, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and much more. Is that legal? Yes! Is it free? Not exactly, but it may be worth the price to you. To learn more, do an Internet search. You can also search for A Cybercriminal's Guide to Exploiting DNS for Fun and Profit to learn lots of tricks and secrets for having fun with it. Will that show you how to make money with it? Probably not, but you might just have more fun than money can buy.

DNS Rules the World

To the extent that the world lives by the Internet, then that is true. Without it, Internet users would be pushed all the way back to the dark days of ARPANET. To surf, an Internet user would need to know and use IP address notation, and if a surfer used five websites commonly, the surfer would need to keep five IP addresses close by. Five is just a handful! What about ten? What about twenty-five? The Internet would become essentially unusable. Fortunately, wizards of DNS abound. Skills and techniques are being advanced by the day. The domain name system is only getting better and more useful.