7 Ways to Prepare for Employee Absences

Employee absences, no matter how long or short the time is, can have a direct impact on the flow of your business. Below are seven ways to better prepare for impending open slots in your employee schedule.

1. Delegate Duties

When you know that an employee will be absent for a period, such as a medical, maternity, or family leave, begin making plans. Divide the duties as much as you can amongst the employees that will be present during this period. Spreading it out will guarantee that it is not too much burden for any one individual.

2. Allow Telecommuting for Sick Leave

Employees with a severe cold should be discouraged from bringing the germs to work. Have them take sick leave, or find a way to allow telecommuting. If not, you might end up with an entire staff that is sick. It is better to miss one employee for three or four days than to struggle with everyone experiencing illness.

3. Use Cloud-Based Scheduling

To create a schedule that allows for less confusion, use a cloud-based scheduling system. Anyone on the team or individual employees can see who is working when. Document any changes and make everyone aware at the same time. 

4. Track Schedules Using Mobile App

You can have complete control over scheduling from any location by utilizing a mobile app. Any member of your team can call with special requests or questions, and the answers are at your fingertips with many types of mobile devices. It is one more tool that takes scheduling to timesheet tracking to a whole new level. 

5. Communicate Well

Making sure everyone is on the same page takes good communication. Avoid the problems of having too many or few people on staff at any given time by keeping the schedule updated. It is the type of situation where quality tracking software can help.

6. Integrate Scheduling and Payroll

Tracking software will also allow you to integrate the scheduling with the payroll department. Each employee timesheet will be accurate and up-to-date at all times. The payroll department will never have to hunt for the right information. The information is kept and updated on the cloud computing network.

7. Hire Temporary Workers Ahead of Open Slots

Begin interviewing possible temporary replacements well in advance of known periods of employee absence. You will stay prepared, and the work productivity will flow seamlessly. Any necessary training can begin in preparation for the changeover. All fellow employees can better prepare for the absence by being notified through the scheduling system.

Losing critical employees for any period can create worry if you do not plan. Using the right tracking timesheet software will help you prepare for necessary employee absences.